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From Midwinter 2011
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The PopTop Stage will focus on popular librarian favorites including: Mystery, Romance and New Products for Libraries. It will feature readings, discussions and presentations and is located in Exhibit Hall H in the 900 aisle in the San Diego Convention Center

Saturday January 8 - Mystery Day

•10:00-10:45am - Traditional Mysteries: Who are the new Jane Marples?
Featuring: Harley Jane Kozak, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Rosemary Harris, Kate Carlisle, Moderated by: Naomi Hirahara

•11:00-11:45am - California Girls
Featuring: Naomi Hirahara, Jeri Westerson, Dianne Emley , Sue Ann Jaffarian, Moderated by: Hank Phillippi Ryan

•12:00-12:45pm - Interview with T. Jefferson Parker, with Naomi Hirahara

•1:00-1:45pm - BrownBag Lunchtime Interview with Joanne Fluke, with Rosemary Harris

•2:00-2:45pm – Tough Guys
Featuring: T. Jefferson Parker, Ken Kuhlken, Tim Hallinan, Gary Phillips; Moderated by: Kelli Stanley

•3:00-3:45pm - Laugh or I’ll Kill You
Featuring: Vicki Doudera, Jeri Westerson, Dianne Emley, Rosemary Harris; Moderated by: Sue Ann Jaffarian

•4:00-4:45pm - S is for Series: Why Readers Love Them Featuring: Kate Carlisle, Tim Hallinan, Vickie Doudera, Sophie Littlefield; Moderated by: Hank Phillippi Ryan

Sunday January 9 – Romance

•Featuring: Stephani Fry, Christie Ridgway, Jill Sorenson, Sylvia Day, Helen Kay Dimon

Monday January 10 – Library Product Spotlight

•10:00-10:30am - Attract More Patrons by Using Language Learning Software
Presented by: Tell Me More

•10:40-11:10am - Work Flow Solutions
Presented by: Midwest Tape

•11:20-11:50am - AV2 by Weigl Media Enhanced Books
Presented by: Weigl Publishing, Inc.

• 12:00-12:30pm - The Benefit of Patrons Driving Library Acquisitions
Presented by: eBrary

• 12:40-1:10pm - Primo: D2D, Mega-Aggregate Index of Scholarly Content, and a Scholarly Recommender Service: Scholarship and Content Never Had It This Good!
Presented by Ex Libris